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About us

living in hindispeaking state lucknow Uttar Pradesh , India. I even have always been deep-rooted with literature and blogging. My name is prashant and features a deep interest in social hobbies and writing since childhood. Since my schooling days, I even have been a blogger on simple but definite topics that’s associated with news on the sports,newest trends, finance, movies, and events. My hobby defines the exclusiveness of blogging writing based upon the literature.

Further, I too inculcate the habit of blogging based upon spiritually, a cosmic energy, conscious, and subconscious . Additionally, it’s interesting to state that I’m a person’s loving person. And so, my work deeply inherits the qualities of ayurvedic fitness, build up stronger immunity, smoothening lifestyle, the battle any shortcomings of life.

Not only that, i think that for supporting a sustainable lifestyle, but every human also needs employment . So, this portal also governs the wants of your online/offline/part-time job with the right authenticity of the recruiter and therefore the organizations.

Here, you’ll also find well-dedicated blogs and articles based upon business, yoga, motivation, poem, story, blogging based upon SEO.

Overall, my experience of life has been displayed over this site which will be well-read in both Hindi and English. Here you’ll find information regarding housing and planning, economic business growth, preparing Indian Native elixir ‘Kada’ for building better immunity. This also includes- spiritually and therefore the truth behind the existence of God, getting shielded from Coronavirus, the zero state of mind, curing depressing from daily living and infusing carefree-life, benefits of waking early within the morning.

Some of the categories that my website include: meditation and yoga, ayurvedic fitness, motivational thoughts, part-time jobs, poems, business, health articles in Hindi, latest news stories, events news, affiliate news, tech Gyan, SEO, finance news self-improvement, blogging, ebooks, backlinks, land , movies review, WhatsApp status in Hindi, weight management, real heroes and their stories, beauty tips, children world and much more.

All the above information available on this site is for educational purposes only. Before using Ayurvedic health information given here, the recommendation has been given by qualified doctors. except for safety, don’t use this Ayurvedic information without the recommendation and examination of the prescribed doctor.

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